A Framing Contractor is a construction expert, focused on building houses or buildings’ wood or metal frame, as well as the roofing frame. This type of contractor assumes an important role in new constructions, additions, renovations, and remodeling. They are the ones responsible for following the project blueprint accurately and leaving no mistakes for other contractors that will work on the same project later on.

What does framing mean in a construction?

A framing job will take place every time the base structure needs to be replaced (renovation), modified (remodeling or addition), or built (new construction). It is the layer after a property’s foundation, and framing is responsible for shaping the property according to a blueprint drawn by an architect. Therefore, a framer must be experienced and knowledged to ready and execute blueprints precisely. 

To have an idea of how important a framing project is for construction, take a look at a small list of contractors that depends on a framer’s service to be able to perform their jobs: 

  • Plumber Contractors – If the walls and spaces aren’t corrected placed, they won’t have room to run pipes and make terminations where they’re supposed to. 
  • Electrician Contractors – The same happens here. If the wall is not placed with correct spacing and measurements, forget about running the wires correctly.
  • HVAC Contractors – The right property shape will enable a perfect HVAC interior installation
  • Floor Contractors – These contractors will need leveled and accurate floors, so they can work on finishing with beautiful flooring. 
  • Drywalls – Closing with the final walls is another job that can go miserably and a lot harder if framers do not do a go job. Gaps, missing studs, etc.

The conclusion becomes clear here. Framers have to be accurate and able to read and execute precisely all instructions given in a project blueprint. An even identify mistakes that architects can write. For a single framer mistake, construction projects can delay for months, and could have a huge impact on other areas. For that reason, make sure to choose well your framing company!

What do framing workers do?

Framing carpenters are responsible to build from scratch the whole structure of houses or buildings. This includes evaluating a blueprint and cutting wood or metal to begin shaping the structure that will support the rest of the project. 

What does house framing include?

This answer really depends on the framing company. Some companies offer a few extra services included in the framing cost. Others not as much. A complete house framing includes:

  • It will most likely start with the walls, separating the spaces.
  • The floor is usually built for the second and third floors only since the first floor is on the foundation.
  • Structure of roof

Some companies will go the extra mile and offer to close with exterior plywood, building decks, install doors, windows, stairs, etc. 

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