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How much are you willing to give for more living space? NJ Construction Team is an expert home remodeling company that can guarantee to save you more than just money… but your precious time.

Our professional team is ready to help you with professional guidance and expert execution from beginning to end, making that extra space possible. NJ Construction Team has serviced Central and South Jersey for over 35 years. Your dream home doesn’t need to be just a dream any longer!

Over 35 Years of Experience

Home additions and remodelings in an existing home can get over budget and disordered quickly if not handled with best practices and expertise. That’s where our general contractors can save time and money by doing it right for the first time.

NJ Framers
Construction Plan

Architectural Plans

Our remodeling experience gives you the advantage of a safe and accurate planning phase. We’ve worked with hundreds of architects.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We provide free estimate visits for initial consultation and evaluation of square footage spaces to be built or remodeled.

Construction Materials

Building Materials

Our great relationship with lumberyards around New Jersey allows us to get the best prices for our clients based on our recommendations.

Common Types of Home Addition

A home addition has many benefits to a family and the property. Construction projects are sometimes rewarded with double or more of the invested money, not to mention improvements in the quality of a family’s life. That’s the perfect combination! What kind of home addition are you looking for in your remodeling project?

Separate Spaces

  • Laundry Room
  • kitchen space
  • room additions
  • Game room
  • Garage Additions

Larger Spaces Additions

  • Second story addition
  • Family room
  • Master bathroom
  • Master bedroom

We Can Turn it Into a Risk-Free and Smart Investment

Our past projects speak for themselves. There are hundreds of completed projects over 35 years of building, qualifying us as one of the most experienced home addition contractors in New Jersey. Contact us for more information on how we can help for your home addition project!

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