Residential Framing Contractor Responsibilities

Some of The Most Common Responsibilities of a Framing Contractor in NJ

If you are looking to hire a framing contractor for your project, you must first understand what are the responsibilities involved, in order to compare prices and delivery of services.

It’s very common for framing contractors in New Jersey to work as sub contractors for a general contractor and/or directly with a homeowner. Either or know the importance of hiring a good framing contractor! Here is a list of potential problems directly attached to poor framing installation:

  1. Delays in the entire project

  2. Overspend with materials

  3. Prevention of other professionals’ work, due to limitations caused by poor execution of framing installation

  4. Inadequate spaces for doors and windows

  5. Roof leaks

    and others…

For that reason, it is always a better option to evaluate years of experience and reputation. Can you find your framing contractor online? Can you call someone for reference? Can you access pictures and videos of previous jobs? If the project’s owner can’t answer this question, that’s a dangerous zone! Most likely, he or she is looking for extremely low prices to save as much as possible. But, for how long can these savings last, when there is so much attached to this kind of job?


Common Types of Jobs To Hire Residential Framers

Here are some common jobs a home project will need a framer:

New Construction

It’s unarguably one of the most common types of services for house framing companies! New construction will usually be ready for a residential framing team after two things:

  1. Drawings are completed

  2. Permits were taken

  3. Foundation is ready

Following the correct and most common order for a residential construction project, after these three items are complete, framing contractors can jump right in to start!


House Addition

The second most common type of service for framing companies is house additions. We say the second most common because a lot of other contractors will blend in when renovating or remodeling homes.

In order to keep quality work and high standards, it’s always better to work with dedicated framers for the best and safer results!

Everything goes to the same process explained above, but with some other items added to this list:

  • Electricians and plumbers might pay a visit to shut off electricity, gas, and water before demolition starts.

  • Demolition takes place before – NJ Construction Team offers demos for involved working areas of a project! An extra responsibility we will mention after.


Evaluation, Interpretation, and Good Communication

It is professional, ethical, and part of a residential framer’s responsibility to evaluate blueprints and interpret them before touching the job! It’s a must!

Careful evaluation prior to the initiation of a framing job will make sure it pays back for everyone! Why? Because I cannot say how many times we have had to communicate with the project’s owner about mistakes in the drawing plans, foundation, or other details not seen by other professionals.

What we have seen many framers do instead, is adapt to the mistakes and follow them throughout the construction. Leaving undesired details such as an extra step, an extra corner created, an extra level on the ceiling, and the list goes on and on. All because of the urgency to benefit from a job on the schedule, rather than the quality of the work.


Roles of a Framing Contractor

Finally, let’s talk about some of the main roles must contractors will offer as part of their jobs:

– Decking and Walls

Decking is the term used to describe the installation of wood boards fixed to the ground. This is not the same as installing flooring, once flooring installation can include finishing installation with tiles, ceramic, etc.

– Windows and Doors

This will also include windows installation and exterior doors. Interior doors are part of a finishing carpentry service, and for that reason, it’s included in framers’ services.

– Ceiling and Roofs Structures

Ceiling and roof structures are also part of our responsibility. Different styles of ceilings such as tray ceilings, or drop ceilings are included depending on the contractors’ expertise.

Roofing Rafters

Roofing rafters are of the most challenging parts of house construction or addition project, and a good contractor should not have issues installing accordingly.

– Demolition

Not all framing contractors will include a demo. It can get difficult really fast depending on the style and type of construction performed by the time the house was built.

– Sheathing

An important job and very often included in the framing service is sheathing. The sheathing is covering the entire framed area with plywood, certifying that the structure is protected from weather, rains, and wind, and it fortifies the whole work.

– Stairs Kit Installation

Another extra service usually offered is the installation of a stairs kit. Customized or standard, stairs also fall on the list of good framers!

– Exterior Deck

That’s usually not on the list, but some contractors can certainly include it as an extra


Final Thoughts

House framing companies will set the environment for the entire work to be performed, so choosing the right framers will give you peace of mind and assurance of a one-time completion! NJ Construction is a leading house framing contractor in New Jersey! Talk to us, and get a free visit by our friendly builders for free estimates and fair pricing. We are present in the most popular cities in New Jersey, and we are here to stay!

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